What is it?

The foot in Chinese culture, the foot therapy has a long history, which originated from ancient times in China, is that people in the long-term accumulation of knowledge in social practice and lessons learned, and has over 3,000 years of history and tradition. .

In the feet there are specific points that correspond to the organs in the body. By working on these points, using specific finger and thumb pressure techniques, it stimulates your inner healing ability gradually and improves the health and feelings of contentment and well- being.


The ancients had many classic records on foot and description: “spring feet, Sun fixed off; summer feet, summer can be cured; fall feet, lung intestines moisten; winter feet, pubic temperature burning."

Su said: "hot feet bath method , its effect is not the beginning of the men were greatly , but the accumulation of over a hundred days, the function cannot be measured, than the medication, its effect is a hundred times."


They wrote in the poem : "The owner advised me to get enough sleep, inverted bed no longer hear bells and drums."

Lu said: "Feet to go to bed really fast , Wakkanai Sun grew solution poured soup, " Qing External founder in the" theory of parallel prose."

Lu also said: "Pro lying Maundy SP6 are starting to foot, finger into the cold and from the way of the sole, reason why wash warm overcast,but was cold too."


€60 per session (60 min)

This will include a free consultation and a 60 minute Reflexology Session.